“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already” – JK Rowling

One of my favorite quotes. We have so much magic within ourselves but we fail to believe so. Let’s connect and get to know each other.

Freelance Writing / Illustrations / Photography

I am constantly seeking to learn new things and gain more exposure as I believe knowledge is a gift. Some of the major brands I’ve worked with are Hipmunk, Amazon, Junglee, Stayzilla, Zaldee Travel App, and Outbound App. I also take commissioned work for artworks on oil paints, and watercolours.

If you’d like me to draw, write or photograph for you, please contact me on

Partnering with The Satori Saga

Do you want a fresh perspective to showcase your brand? The Satori Saga is open to partnering with Tourism boards, travel apps and gears, accommodations, tour companies, motorcycle companies, and rent a car companies.

Brand Ambassadorship – Travel & Art

We seek to partner with brands that reflect our values; brands that encourage the art scene; brands that connects artists, brands that commit to sustainable travel, brands that can be an inspiration to female travelers and couples alike.

The ambassadorship is a long-lasting partnership promoting a brand on The Satori Saga and across all social media.

Conducting Campaigns

The Satori Saga builds targeted campaigns for brands, events and marketing organisations. A campaign includes live coverage on all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) and blog posts featuring destination guides and hotel/tour reviews. The blog posts will consistently be shared on Twitter on a regular basis.

To invite The Satori Saga to join a campaign or if you’d like us to build one, please contact us in the email below.

All sponsored content and campaigns contains a disclosure stating so.

Negative Review Policy

The Satori Saga strives to remain honest to its readers, which means all reviews, negative or positive will be expressed on the blog. That said, in case of negative experience, we will contact the brand before publishing the article so that the brand will get an opportunity to make a statement with reasons. This will address the issues encountered, giving a balanced opinion.


For Branded Content: The Satori Saga will write a piece about your product/brand in their own voice. The post will be given extra love in terms of featuring it on the Menu Bar Feature section, a special area of the blog where readers will manage to view from anywhere on the site.

For Banner ads: Banners are allowed anywhere on the site as long as it is travel-related. All the content supported by advertising will contain a disclosure statement.

For more details, please contact us on

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