Ola Beautiful minds,

My name is Shilpa. I enjoy the little things that life has to offer us – from the gorgeous landscapes to delicious cuisines to adventurous mountain hiking. You don’t have to travel miles to experience this, it’s right around the corner of your home.

About the satori saga

Welcome to the creative world. Whether you are planning to travel or just looking for inspiration, you’re at the right place. The Satori Saga is a tastefully blended blog where you’ll find suggestions on how you can travel as a backpacker, secret tips to planning a trip on a budget (yet luxurious), local guide and cultural experiences.

Apart from words, I have a passion for telling stories through watercolors and digital wacom. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of my quirky illustrations in the near future.

My Story

Growing up in a region known for its diverse culture, sure had its benefits. I have been fortunate to meet people who are glad to strike up a conversation about their life,their friends and family back home. Such conversations that has led to some great friendship over just a cup of coffee/beer – has given me a broad picture about places around the world – from a locals perspective. 

Brought up in Abu Dhabi, I spent the last 2 years in Bangalore, India. This time, I was able to do a lot more travelling, while I sketched and photographed along the way. I also polished my writing skills by taking up freelance content writing that also helped me fund my travels. I recently moved to Melbourne and I am excited to begin a new life, which means I’ll have lot more stories to share with you guys.

Satori (sä-tôr′ē, sə-) derived from Buddhism, means “sudden awakening”.

It was only about five years ago I realised my interest in art was not just a childhood infatuation. Though I was sketching and painting since I can remember, I knew I had to take it to the next level. It all  started after a family trip to Malaysia in 2011.

We had no photographs from the trip as they were accidentally deleted. So I doodled away all my thoughts, with short phrases about the time and weather, the surrounding, and the smell of the place when I was there.

Every time I looked at that torn piece of sketch paper, it would constantly refresh my memory about my time in Malaysia. It reminded me of the Good Times. Isn’t that what we  look forward to every single day? the good times. 

Within an hour, I set up a free blog with Blogger and eventually moving to WordPress.

I am continuously learning and evolving the nature of this blog to entertain my curious readers. With hand crafted content, I assure to stay honest.

The Satori Saga is not about my self-discovery. Through my words and illustrations, I wish to motivate you to find an interest or a passion. It will lead you to a path where you won’t look at life the same way ever again. Your passion will encourage you to live your life with a purpose.  

Now that I’ve shared my story, lets hear yours. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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