So how does it feel having been to 10 countries? Agree, the count may not be much. the experiences learnt along the path is, however, unbelievable. You are loaded with knowledge in Geography;), the culture , the love for locals and the endeavours that they invest ultimately turns out to be ‘the’ travel destination  for us to discover.

Two cents’ worth: a journey through unpredictable episodes reminds you that you are capable of the impossible!

We absolutely believe in following a path that ain’t  brave enough to take and those who does , well,  – need a bow 🙂

Personally speaking, I have come across oodles of ups and downs relative to almost all reasons, and the one thing that motivates me to stand by the tip of the toes is the hope to wander and meet people with exciting stories.

Here’s a Two minute video taken to inspire travel – Now & Forever exclusively by the satori saga. It is filmed across 10 countries over two years traveled! India, Egypt, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Paris.

The video has been shot on Canon 700.

” Follow not the path but a trail”