So its been awhile since I wrote a post, but this time its an illustration dedicated to my time in Nepal.

Nepal is a country where you will come across sophisticated and absolutely loving people. Its great to visit a country, move around, see places that you have come across only in pictures, but you will find a difference in the art of Travel when you actually get to talk to the locales of the country you visit.

So while we were in Pokhara, it was during one of the ‘must -do’s’ in Nepal – rowing the boat from the Lakeside road towards a temple that is in the middle of the Phewa lake. No we did not row the boat, we got somebody row for us. Although, the row towards the temple was not so laid-back irrespective the calm waters, but not so appealing row-er , we felt much safer with a local named Bhishnu( with a push in the ‘Bhee’) rowed us back to the safe land. I’m sure his ambition while growing up was to be an actor – no shy, smile for the video cam – no requests from us. It just shows how a Jolly-Go lucky person can make your day.

So while I was on an illustration project, and had to think about a personage from Nepal, Bhishnu was the first person that came to my mind. And I could not think of a better song to portray the Nepali features and expressions than the Gangnam Style.

gangnam style - the nepali way

gangnam style – the nepali way